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Ring: $12,000, Flowers: $1,500,
Photographer: $2,500

Being that “Happy Couple” 15 years from now… Priceless.

PreMarital Counseling

High-quality, premarital coaching is the way that successful, responsible, pro-active couples ensure that their marriage will continue to grow. Grow even stronger, happier, and deeper over the years. Our private premarital coaching gives you the time and space to talk about whatever you need to resolve before moving forward into marriage.


Our Strategic Approach Helps You:

  • Identify potential “Friction Points” unique to your relationship

  • Create agreement around finances, parenting, responsibilities, boundaries, and priorities.

  • Gain deeper understanding for each other’s values, life goals, and what you both need to feel loved and respected.

  • Learn how to communicate with each other

  • Create a secure emotional foundation

  • Address any issues that are concerning you

  • Help you move forward into marriage with confidence

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