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Family Coaching & Counseling

Be Happy Together


Everything worth having requires some effort and attention. You invested in your education, your career, your health and your home. Why should your family be different?

The fact is, no one teaches you how to have a great relationship. Everyone has to learn. The strongest, healthiest families are the ones who do family coaching.

Families who are committed to having a great relationship prioritize their members, and are willing to invest time and energy into learning how to keep them happy, healthy and joyful.


Family Coaching Creates a Strong, Loving Relationships



Learn how to talk so that your family members will listen. Learn how to listen so that your family members will talk. Learn how to have productive conversations instead of conflict.



Are you getting what you need to feel loved and respected? Are other people in your family? Learn HOW to show each other your love, in the ways that are important to you.



Families can waste years fighting about “how things should be done,” and “who should do what.” Not necessary. Learn how to create agreement and peace in your home.



Money is a source of conflict for many families. Learn how to get on the same page, and work together to create the financial reality you all want.



Friendship, and fun are essential to a healthy family. Rediscover the members of your family. Learn how to reconnect, and enjoy each other.



Stress, bumps in the road, and disagreement are inevitable. We teach you the skills and tools you need to handle life’s challenges together, and keep your family strong.


For families who are dealing with:


  • Family dynamics and interfamily turmoil.

  • Parent/child conflict.

  • Getting along with extended family members and or in-laws.

  • Death and dying.

  • Communications issues.

  • Role assignment / role reversal.

  • Building family consensus.

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