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Rates and Insurance

How Much Does Marriage Counseling or Therapy Cost?

By Alina Gastesi-de Armas, MA, MEd, LMHC

People’s first question about our life changing marriage counseling, career coaching, effective therapy or life coaching is often, “How much does this cost?”

When I hear this I think to myself, “They’re focusing on the wrong thing.”

I’d like you to ask yourself a different question, and one that will be more useful for you: What’s the opportunity cost of NOT getting expert help at the right time?

If you are struggling in your marriage, or in your career, or inside of yourself your future could be hanging in the balance. This is a big deal. Deciding to get expert help during a “fork in the road” moment can be a life-changing investment in yourself, your marriage, your family, and your future.

Your Love, Happiness and Success is Highly Valuable

Getting your life back is priceless.  

Effective services are valuable beyond measure — strategic, focused, and proven by research to be the fastest, most efficient way to help you make positive changes that lead to your personal, relational and family’s growth.

​ The fee structure is as follows:


  • The initial evaluation is 60 minutes and costs $200

  • Follow up sessions are 45-50 minutes in duration and cost $175

  • 90 minute sessions are $350

I will help you use your insurance benefits

You can use your insurance for your therapy or marriage counseling sessions if your policy covers behavioral services with out-of-network providers, and you primarily reside in Florida. (If you live out of state or internationally you may also be able to use your benefits, but that will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis).

How does this work: You’ll pay A Place for Growth for your sessions directly, and then I will prepare a receipt for you with all the necessary information ready for you to file your claim to your insurance provider. If you are covered for the services of out-of-network behavioral health, you will get reimbursed directly for your sessions.

Additionally, I accepts payments from your Flex Healthcare Spending Accounts (FHSAs) also referred to as an HSA account.

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