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Family Reunification Therapy

The therapists at A Place for Growth are familiar with high conflict, family court matters where there has been a parent referral for services which will aid in moving a case forward.   There are many other reasons a parent may have become estranged from a child or may have never met the child.  Many of the youth we work with are extremely resistant to seeing a parent, so the goal in the reunification process is to identify barriers and develop a method of change required in order to overcome those barriers. We take a child-centered approach; some children experience the trauma associated with family conflict silently, others more outwardly. Regardless of how it experienced, children need validation.  Reunification Treatment Plans at FRC emphasize the many ways children and teens can and should experience validation from all adults in their lives--at a time when they sometimes feel they don't have a voice in the court system, reunification therapy should allow the child (in an age-appropriate way) to be as interactive in the therapeutic process as they want to be.  This concept, when balanced with the goal of reunifying parents and children is effective in nurturing the quality of the parent-child relationship.


Two models of therapy:  

Therapists may work individually with a child and parent, or in more complex cases, a "Wrap" therapy approach may be more appropriate. Wrap therapy consists of two or three clinicians involved in the therapy, with each therapist assigned to work with the parent, the child, and the reunification therapist to conduct joint therapy.  The particular model prescribed in a case is determined during the intake process and is rated based on the level of complexity.   


Intake Policy:  Due to the many factors that influence a positive reunification outcome, A Place for Growth only accepts cases where each parent (and their attorney) agrees to use our services.   


Next Steps:

  1. First, please call our intake line at (954) 384-9373.  Our intake specialist will review your case with you over the phone (there is no charge).  Please have your parenting plan or court order available for reference when you call. We  try to return all calls on the same day .


REFERRALS:   Inquiries for services generally come about one of three ways:  A parent may self-refer; An attorney may make the referral; OR  the court may specify a therapist at A Place for Growth in the parenting plan or court order.  


Call today for more information (954) 384-9373 

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